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Cost of Carbon coming in Legislative Session for Oregon in 2018? Here is Michael's note to his constituents in early July 2017 looking at that:

A New Look for Clean Energy Jobs

As I’ve mentioned, a lot of my work this session focused on getting our state ready to take action on climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution and using the resulting revenues to enhance the move to cleaner, more sustainable, more economically beneficial energy practices. Partnering with colleagues in the House, Senate Environment and Natural Resources spent many hours exploring the best way to reach that end. We met with counterparts from other states, including leaders in California and Ontario, business groups (both urban and rural) communities seriously affected by climate change, labor, and scores of citizens deeply concerned about the impacts of carbon pollution and climate change.

As a result of those discussions, I became convinced that the best avenue for us to make a difference here in Oregon is to link up with the efforts being made in California and other states and Canadian provinces in creating a “cap and invest” program that would guarantee our meeting our climate goals while invigorating our Oregon-based industries and workforce. Based on what we are seeing elsewhere, it is definitely possible if done right.

To that end, at the very end of session we drafted a new bill, SB 1070, with more than a third of all Oregon legislators signed on as chief sponsors or co-sponsors. It lays out our best thinking at this point, but there are still more details that need to be worked out. That is going to consume a lot of my time during the interim, but I look forward to this work. It’s a heavy responsibility. If done wrong, it could be harmful to our economy and to ordinary Oregonians; if done right, it could provide significant stimulus to our economy, and Oregon can help further the momentum for climate action on a regional level, which is crucial now that the federal government has chosen to go in the opposite direction and withdraw from the Paris agreements. Our job is to make sure it’s the latter that happens.

For more information about SB 1070, here’s a press release that we put out upon its release last week.

As it happens, the California legislature is about to vote on re-committing to and extending their cap and invest program. (The vote is scheduled for Monday.) House Energy and Environment Chair, Ken Helm, and I just sent a letter of support to our friends and counterparts there, urging them to take that important step. You can check out that letter here.

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