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ESP Advocacy

We are hoping to find a good balance of advocacy for ESP. We particularly believe that Engineers bring an opportunity to have objective points of view on subjects. By reducing a problem to numbers and science, we should be able to produce defensible positions. So, we hope to use this website and our membership input to gather good information on which to base decisions, and good processes by which to apply it.

Advocating for quick, controlled transition from fossil fuels to green energy and a more socially just economy.

350 Presentation Info

Carbon Fuels are Carbon Fuels -- none of this "renewable" carbon fuel stuff

The Governor's Climate "Agenda" -- The Governor's Climate "Agenda"

Clean Energy Jobs

Our first advocacy is for the passage of Oregon SB1070 with improvements in progress. Look for news at this link

Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

Jordan Cove LNG Terminal PAGE

Fracking, especially for "Natural Gas" / "Fracked Gas"

Fracking, especially for “Natural Gas” / “Fracked Gas” Shale Gas / Fracked Gas - Fact Sheet

Sustainability Projects Grading and Support

As a general concept

The Civil Engineers have succeeded at being able to issue report cards on projects and standing infrastructure that have been well accepted as legitimate and objective input to governmental decisions.

Eventually, we would like to be able to emulate that, and/or help others to emulate that in their decision processes.

We would like to have volunteers who would help us define what that would look like, and why.

Specifically, support of the project decision structure for the Portland Clean Energy Fund

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