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Green the Grid

This phrase is to emphasize that one important part of getting to the new green economy is to be able to depend on the electric grid to supply ONLY green energy. That is to say, that none of the energy source for your grid should be carbon-based fuel.

If that is so, then when you charge your electric car at your garage, or when you cook your steaks, or heat your house, you can depend on the electricity involved to NOT DAMAGE the planet.

Even if we are in progress toward that goal, we can assume we will make it true.

This process should be hurried.

Having the utilities and the Public Utility Commission hurry it will be wonderful, when we get there.

Let's say you recognise the importance of lowered carbon footprint, early. If you can afford solar energy on your roof, you omay be able to make your household 100% green for electricity, early. And, you are helping your community, too.

Many houses sit in too much shade to benefit from rooftop solar. Many such houses and neighborhoods have areas that could support solar installations. If your community solar rules make it possible to have the community make the investment in solar, a whole community can be made green, early.

Solar For The Masses

So, we need both to campaign for utilities to make themselves green ASAP, but we mustn't wait for them. We must push along ahead of them.

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