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Oregon Public Utility Commission

SB 978 was passed by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 2017. The bill requires the PUC to establish a public process to investigate how developing industry trends, technologies, and policy drivers may impact the existing electricity regulatory system. The Commission is also required to investigate the obligations of and benefits to electric companies and customers under the existing regulatory system; and the current use of regulatory incentives. Any changes explored to accommodate developing industry trends and support new policy objectives should do so without compromising affordable rates, safety, and reliable service.

The Commission is required to submit a report on the findings of the public process to the Legislature no later than September 15, 2018.

ESF Intended involvement

We failed to see this come by, and are (June 4, 2018) sorely behind in understanding this. We will be investigating and commenting on it as fast as possible.

The requirements set above don't immediately seem to be in congruence with the needs of the state. We have competing needs for changes within the Utilities that are involved in providing energy and are therefore involved in the problems and solutions of Global Warming – Climate Change. Having cheap, reliable power is truly important. Having a livable planet seems even more important. Tradeoffs will be required, and hopefully this is being discussed and not dismissed.

The information page for the meetings on this subject is HERE .

On that page are links to the meetings, and their materials, including their recorded sessions. At this date, it looks like May 31 has yet to be updated from actual meeting. HOWEVER, since at the first meeting's links, one was already stale, and all the resources were PDFs, I am gathering them here.

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