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Protest News

At this time, climate scientists believe we need to do two things in parallel to avoid seriously raising the risk of tipping points:

  1. Reduce Emissions from Fossil Fuel to Near Zero by 2040 – the 1.5Deg C Paris target
  2. In parallel use organic processes to start serious capture and sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  3. For emphasis let's add that this means counting everything and not allowing Fossil Fuel industry growth.

Since there is some question as to various governments' commitment to meet these targets, activists are attempting to emphasize the necessity of making the commitment and following through on it.

Spending Life Capital on Saving the Planet

Feb 13, 2018 - - Climate 'Hero' Gets Three-Year Prison Sentence for Shutting Down Tar Sands Pipeline

Two of the three years of Michael Foster's sentence are not expected to be served in prison.

“If other people don't take action, mine makes no difference,” Michael Foster said. “The only way what I did matters is if people are stopping the poison.”

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