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Root Cause Analysis – a discussion about how to use science and numbers to avoid politics.

  • Root Cause Analysis has Been used successfully in analyzing historical problem issues such as airplane crashes other catastrophical events and possible events.
  • what is the root cause of ongoing climate damage (if we know this, do we know what to do next). BTW, going by UN data, its not just CO2.
  • RCA and Climate
  • ASCE Report Card
    Risk Assessment – Safety Engineering

These report cards have been considered technical data without question for purposes of industry, military, government. Can we use same techniques to produce report cards similary accepted to analyze:

  • Climate Risks from storms, temperature change, shifts of ice and therefore:
  • Crop Loss, building loss, water / ocean failure, Forest Loss and therefore

Can this become a basis for Risk Adaptation On the downside or upside of

  • Risk Containment/Elimination
  • Conservation
  • CH4 Abatement
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Sea ice and land ice restoration

References have existed: Legislative options
James Hansen – 20 years since
Dusty on shelf

  • Recently put on shelf
    Our Case Studies
  • ESF Workbook (does there need to be one?)

What can we learn from Economic and social successes from science

  • Projects in motion
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